Chronic Illness can really throw people off  track. It can make people think that others are better experts than they are. It can get in the way of managing normal challenges involved in growing up.  But the people that know best how to get life back on track are the people living their lives. You are the experts.

I’ve learned a lot from working with children, young people and parents over the years. I’d really like to share some of these ideas. And I’d really like you to join in and share your ideas to help others who might not yet recognise that they are the experts in their own bodies.

Some of the things I’m planning to blog about

  • Getting on top of a good nights sleep
  • Giving the problem a name
  • Identifying your resources and how to use them
  • Finding new solutions to old problems
  • Living with your parents (for teens)
  • Living with teens (for parents)
  • Managing your medical team
  • Weighing up the pros and cons of change: its your choice
  • Giving depression the boot
  • Kicking anxiety into touch
  • Managing medication
  • Getting back to school
  • Mindfulness for beginners
  • Ways to stop putting things off
  • Managing exam stress
  • Choosing the future you prefer to live
  • Finding a safe place to stand
  • Burnout – noticing it and getting past it
  • Acceptance and living in the moment

I’d love to hear from you. What bothers you the most about school, family life hospital visits. Just let me know.

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